Success stories from the field of VET and other related fields


Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET strives to provide young people with opportunities to encourage careers in professions that will make it easier for them to find employment.  The SloveniaSkills competition – a national competition in professional skills, organised since 2010, is a wasy to make professions interesting.

SloveniaSkills presents a range of professional opportunities to young people and serves as an excellent springboard for all participants in achieving their career goals in the future. As part of the competition, young talents can compete in ten different industries: Window Display, Floristry, ICT, Stonemasonry, Industrial Mechanic, Catering, Painting, Service, Furniture and Carpentry. Success in the competition enables participation in the EuroSkills competition  in which Slovenia has been participating since 2008.

The winners of the SloveniaSkills 2020 competition will  participate in the EuroSkills 2020 competition in Graz, which has been  delayed until September 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Ljubljana, Gopodarsko razstavišče. President Borut Pahor visited Informativa, education and professions fair. Foto: Nik Jevšnik, STA.


The reputation of Slovenian vocational education is also showcased abroad, where young talents from Slovenia  make an impression with their knowledge and professional skills at the EuroSkills competition – a prestigious European competition of young professionals aged between 18 and 25, which takes place every two years in a European city. They compete in vocational skills in more than 40 different professions.

Slovenian competitors were extremely successful at the EuroSkills 2018 competition. Žiga Simončič and Martin Dagarin won the bronze medal in ICT, Slovenia also received four medals for excellence.

The EuroSkills 2020 competition will take place in Graz, Austria in September 2021. We are looking forward to visiting the capital of Styria, Austria, where Slovenia will once again present young talented professionals in the field of vocational education.


Alma Rekić, Slovenian national judge at EuroSkills 2018

The best VET school in Slovenia

Slovenia can boast with the Vet Excellence Award in the field of excellence in vocational education and training! (in the category of innovative educational institutions), which the European Commission awarded to the Biotechnical Education Center Ljubljana – BIC Ljubljana as part of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020.

The aim of the “Vet Innovators Award” is to identify a European vocational education and training provider who has contributed to excellence in his field through innovative practices. For the award, BIC Ljubljana competed in a European final with a consortium of vocational and technical schools from Finland.

For 2020, this category of awards also included two “special mentions”, namely for distance solutions and e-learning of VET providers who have developed distance learning educational content in an innovative way. This has proven to be particularly important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The award is also a recognition for Slovenia and a commendation for all of us who, according to our competencies, responsibilities and professional and personal conscience, strive for the field of education to have the reputation it deserves in the broadest context. The dimensions and quality of lifelong learning in Slovenia are also “captured” in two short videos shot for the needs of the virtual Skills Summit 2020.

SQF Register

The development of Slovenia’s SQF Register began on the initiative of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (EQF) and various initiatives related to EQF implementation in 2013. Slovenia was one of the first countries to begin connecting their national qualifications register with the emerging European portal. In the period from 2013 to 2016, Slovenia established a publicly accessible online SQF register, added descriptions of individual qualifications to the register and connected it to the emerging EQF portal. The register enables better comparability of Slovenian qualifications.

The SQF Register ensures the increased transparency and recognisability of qualifications in Slovenia and the EU to their populations through its connectivity with the European qualifications platform.

Thus far, 1,693 qualifications have been entered in the SQF Register*: 1,350 general, vocational and higher educational, 330 vocational and 13 supplementary qualifications.

SQF Register

Slovenian Qualifications Framework

The Europass Certificate Supplement

The Certificate Supplement document was developed through the European Europass project by CPI and the ministry of education. It describes  upper secondary VET education and makes  recognition and evaluation of acquired national and internatinal qualifications easier.  The certificate contains information on acquired competencies, level of education, enrollment conditions, position in the national education system and other imporatnt data. It enables an overview of the completed education. The first Supplements were issued in 2007, the number of programmes rose steadily until 2012. From the 2018/2019 school year onwards, issuing of the certificate is mandatory in Slovenia. In 2020 application was established to issue them.

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