Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council 2021

Slovenia was holding the Presidency from July to December 2021, assuming this role after thirteen years. Slovenian slogan was Together. Resilient. Europe. 

The logo of the Slovenian Presidency 2021

Slovenia’s six-month Presidency programme in the field of education was based on four priorities:

  • defining a new vision of knowledge, education and research;
  • placement of digital transformation, including artificial intelligence;
  • promoting the inclusive governance of the European Education and Research Area;
  • accelerating the green transition.

Special attention was on the preparation of a new European Agenda for Adult Education, continuing the development connected with the new Skills Agenda for Europe. This has set priorities in this area for the next ten years, with a focus on promoting lifelong learning, adult competences, vocational and technical education and work-based learning, including apprenticeships. Encouraged were discussions on education for sustainable development, micro-qualifications, individual learning accounts and access to vocational education and training and lifelong learning. The topic of vocational and non-formal education was addressed in the second half of 2021, as part of the European Vocational Skills Week.

»The right combination of knowledge, competencies and skills is crucial for the success of an individual. To understand and live the concept of lifelong learning is a prerequisite for the society of the future.«

Simona Kustec, PhD, Minister of Education, Science and Sport

Useful links and information:

Events at the heart of the EU Council Presidency 2021

In the following, we highlight the events and topics of the presidency with an emphasis on education:

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