Erasmus + is an EU program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport, thus providing an invaluable contribution for tackling the key socio-economic challenges facing Europe and supporting the implementation of the EU Growth, Jobs, Equality and Social Inclusion Policy Agenda.




Active projects

Logotip 1Point

The new generation of workers is technically smart, but vocational education and training (VET) programs did not go as expected. With smart devices the “1Point” concept can be introduced, which is based on work place learning.

Logotip projekta Allview

The ALLVIEW project will create an EU platform of centres of professional excellence in the furniture and wood industry. It will be based on 3 pillars of innovative knowledge: circular economy, digitalization and industry 4.0, and the production of smart furniture.

Logotip projekta Chaise

The project involves 23 partners from industry, higher education, vocational education and European networks for the recognition of qualifications, who set the goal of establishing a European Sectoral Skills Association (SSA) for Blockchain technologies.

Logotip projekta Digital VET
Digital Teaching in VET System

This project supports the objectives of European and national development strategies for the use of ICT in VET systems by pedagogical professionals.

Logotip projekta Rural heritage.

The European VET system points to a lack of tourism professionals specializing in cultural and rural heritage, in particular interpretation and communication techniques.

Logotip projekta Stairs

The STAIRS project aims to support national, regional and local stakeholders in meeting the challenges of social inclusion in education and training and to build on national efforts and provide added value with good practices of other European countries (Ireland, Portugal) in ensuring social inclusion in education.

Logotip projekta Talent Journey

The purpose of the Talentjourney project - Platform for CDS VET Excellence is to achieve excellence in vocational education with a focus on "IOT" (Internet Of Things), with user-oriented solutions and user-friendly and environment-friendly.

Logotip projekta We Skill

The international partnership project WeSkill was created with the aim of empowering employees in wellness tourism.

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