Council Recommendation on VET for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience

Priporočilo Sveta o poklicnem izobraževanju in usposabljanju za trajnostno konkurenčnost, socialno pravičnost in odpornost

Council Recommendation

Council Recommendation on Vocational Education and Training (VET) for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Justice and Resilience is an important strategic document, which addresses VET systems even more directly than the new European Skills Agenda.

It provides the recipe to make sure VET equips young people and adults with the skills to support both the recovery and the green and digital transitions, while ensuring inclusiveness. The importance of up- and re-skilling the workforce is an important element of this proposal and the European Skills Agenda as a whole. It also puts forward EU level actions to support VET reform and clear quantitative objectives.

Finally, Recommendations recommends member states that work towards achieving by 2025 the following EU-level objectives:

  • the share of employed graduates from VET should be at least 82 %;
  • 60 % of recent graduates from VET benefit from exposure to work-based learning during their vocational education and training. This objective refers to all forms of work based learning at a workplace, and will also thereby contribute to increased apprenticeship opportunities which can be supported with the Youth Guarantee;
  • 8 % of learners in VET benefit from a learning mobility abroad.

The objectives arising from the recommendations are divided into 7 thematic sections:

  1. Vocational education and training is agile in adapting to labour market changes;
  2. Flexibility and progression opportunities are at the core of vocational education and training;
  3. Vocational education and training is a driver for innovation and growth and prepares for the digital and green transitions and occupations in high demand;
  4. Vocational education and training is an attractive choice based on modern and digitalised provision of training/skills;
  5. Vocational education and training promotes equality of opportunities;
  6. Vocational education and training is underpinned by a culture of quality assurance;
  7. Implementation at national level.

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