International cooperation

Operating in an international environment is inevitable in times of globalization. CPI is aware of this, as we have been active in international projects since in 1998.

International cooperation is a window into the world, offering many opportunities for the development of Vocational Education and Training (VET). Our activity and participation in many projects have turned CPI into a recognizable institution in the national education field and an invaluable partner in various national and international projects as evidenced by the many invitations to participate that we receive from different parts of the world.

The advantages of international cooperation are:

  • getting to know new systems and the development of VET through learning about examples of good practice abroad,
  • networking with similar institutions abroad and exploring new opportunities for cooperation and development,
  • investing in people and thus increasing intellectual capital,
  • promotion of Slovenia abroad,
  • assistance to developing countries.

National coordination points

CPI hosts several national coordination points and education and counselling centres in the field of VET:

1 SOK-EOK National Coordination Point

2 ReferNet Coordination Point

3 Europass National Center

4 EQAVET National Reference Point


Erasmus + is an EU program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport, thus providing an invaluable contribution for tackling the key socio-economic challenges facing Europe and supporting the implementation of the EU Growth, Jobs, Equality and Social Inclusion Policy Agenda.

Study visits

Study visits are intended for acquiring new knowledge, to strengthen previous knowledge or gain work experience as well as practical experience. CPI cooperates with national and international institutions and organizes study visits, hosting delegations from various parts of the world.

International cooperation agreements

CPI is very active in the international area, as these cooperation agreements enable us to cooperate more effectively with related institutions abroad, exchange good practices, which contributes to the development of all institutions involved.

Participation in European networks

CPI employees participate in various development groups and international EU networks.

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