National Coordination Point SQF-EQF

SQF purpose and its relation to European Commission

In October 2009 the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (CPI) has been appointed a SQF-EQF National Coordination Point (NCP) at the initiative of the European Commission and in line with Recommendations of the European Parliament and of the EU Council on the establishment of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (23 April 2008). CPI thus became one of the national coordination points of the European Qualifications Framework, operating in all EU Member States.

The NCP EQF represents the link between the European Commission and the Member State regarding the implementation of the EQF initiative. The NCP-EQF provides the European Commission and national stakeholders with information on European and national qualifications framework, prepares professional materials as well as promotes EQF and SQF, etc. The main purpose of the NCP is to improve transparency of the qualifications system in Slovenia.

The National Coordination Point’s tasks

The Slovenian Qualifications Framework Act (SQFA, Official Gazette, No 104/15) defines the tasks of the NCP SQF-EQF, aimed at supporting various target groups (employers, employees, students and training providers) as the following:

⇒ Development and implementation of the SQF

  • facilitate the development of SQF and its referencing to EQF;
  • provide access to information about SQF, EQF and QF-European Higher Education Area (EHEA) on its website;
  • lead the process of referencing SQF to the EQF;
  • issue certificates of SQF and EQF levels for NVQs;
  • inform the Slovenian public and promotes SQF and EQF.

⇒ SQF Qualifications Register

  • publish the SQF Qualifications Register on its website;
  • maintain the SQF Qualifications Register and its links to the EQF Portal.

⇒ Supplementary Qualifications

  • lead the process of referencing supplementary qualifications in the SQF;
  • professional and administrative support of the NCP EQF Expert Commission.

⇒ Cooperation with the network of EQF national contact points.

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