Mission, vision and goals

In Slovenia Vocational Education and training (VET) has a long tradition in cooperation with the economy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and other social partners. On this basis, the mission of the CPI is defined:

To raise the quality and attractiveness of VET by preparing developmental and professional solutions. CPI thus contributes to the competitiveness of the national economy and the social inclusion of the population of Slovenia.

Consultants and CPI employees therefore follow the basic principles of further development and quality of VET:

  • basic professional qualification with the possibility of continuous education for every citizen of Slovenia,
  • linking education and the labour market,
  • employability,
  • lifelong learning and
  • equal opportunities regardless of gender or other circumstances.

The dynamic development of the European labor market and the international educational field poses new challenges for VET. European guidelines thus highlight the increase in the flexibility of education, strengthening of social partnership, digitalisation and more recently, sustainable competitiveness, social justice and resilience. CPI employees monitor challenges and follow guidelines, thus realizing the vision of the CPI:

As a central national research and development institution in the field of VET, CPI will affect the quality of lifelong learning. By developing, creating, disseminating and using newly acquired knowledge, CPI will respond flexibly and innovatively to the needs of users, strengthen the advantages and increase visibility in Slovenia and abroad.

On these foundations the following long-term goals have been set:

  • to create an effective and transparent qualifications system that responds to the needs of society and the labour market;
  • to improve the quality and efficiency of VET at all levels;
  • to provide professional support to education and training providers;
  • to improve the quality of work based learning in cooperation with the social partners and develop an apprenticeship system;
  • to promote the implementation and use of the evaluation of non-formal and informal learning procedures in the process of acquiring vocational qualifications in Slovenia;
  • to develop CPI as a national institute in the field of VET, basing its role on independent and creative collaborators.

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